Today is the 146th Rathyatra of Lord Jagannath live

Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel today, In the early morning of 20th June in Ahmedabad, Lord Jagannathji will participate in the 146th Rathyatra Pahind ceremony ... At the beginning of the Rathyatra, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani will pay obeisance to Lord Jagannathji and worship and bless for the happiness and prosperity of six and a half crore Gujaratis.  Through the dashboard at 11.00 am, Lord Shri Jagannathji's Rathyatra will be seen and Jagannathji will be seen.

What is this pahind ritual and when did it start?

In the rathyatra that starts from Ahmedabad, for the last 31 years, pahind ritual is performed before the start of the rathyatra. 

Why should the Chief Minister of the state perform the Pahind ceremony?

The Rathyatra is preceded by Mangala Aarti followed by a hand-painted ceremony by the Chief Minister of the state.  This ritual is based on the 'Chehra Pahera' ritual held at Jagannath Puri in Orissa.  It is believed that the king of the kingdom is considered to be the first servant of Jagannathji, so before the rathyatra the king comes and cleans the way of the rathyatra with a gold broom, only then does the Lord sit in the chariot.  This ritual is known as Pahind ritual in the city.

How is the pahind ritual performed?

After the morning Mars Aarti, Lord Jagannath, brother Balbhadra and sister Subhadraji are seated in the chariot, then in the morning the king of the state i.e. Chief Minister Jagannathji cleans the road of the chariot with a gold broom and sprinkles water.  Then the Chief Minister pulls the rope of the chariot and starts the procession.

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Who has performed Pahind ritual many times?

State Chief Ministers Keshubhai Patel, Chhabildas Mehta, Suresh Mehta, Shankarsinh Vaghela, Narendrabhai Modi and Anandibahen Patel have got the opportunity to perform the pahind ceremony of the rath yatra.  Incumbent Prime Minister and then Chief Minister Narendra Modi has performed the most 12 rites in a rath yatra.  Keshubhai Patel has also performed Pahind ritual five times.  Anandibahen Patel is the first woman Chief Minister to perform the Pahind ceremony.

The Ratha Yatra of Puri, also rendered as the Ratha Jatra is considered the oldest and largest Hindu chariot festival celebrated annually, on the bright half of the lunar month of Ashadh. The festival is held at the city of Puri in the state of Odisha, India and associated with the deity Jagannath.