Senior Clerk Update Vacancy Details

 Secondary Service Selection Board increased the posts of Senior Clerk

Update Announcement (Ad No: 185/201920)

To fill 431 vacancies of “Senior Clerk Cadre Class-3” through direct recruitment in the offices of the head of the department under the control of the departments of the Secretariat by the office of Gujarat Secondary Service Selection Board Gandhinagar on 01/07/2019 on-line advertisement number: 185/201920, The details of the Category Wise vacancies mentioned in the above advertisement will now be as follows due to change in the vacancies published.

Form showing Category-wise vacancies of “Senior Clerk” Cadre Class-II at the Heads of Departments under the control of Secretariat Departments:

- Candidates appointed for the office of Gujarat Board of Secondary Education and Board of Higher Secondary Education and Gujarat Water Supply and Sewerage Board who will be considered as employees of that board.

-The above advertisement includes the posts of senior clerk of two boards out of the advertisement of 10 different departments. As per the provision of Resolution No. PSC / 1089/3910 / G.2 of General Administration Department, in case of such joint advertisement, only joint selection list has to be prepared and waiting list has not to be prepared. Pursuant to which paragraph 8 (d) (3) of the advertisement dated 01/08/2019 has been amended and now only selection list will be prepared. No need to create a waiting list. Which all candidates should take note of.

Downlaod increase post Notification 

> Advertisement No .: 185/201920 dated 01/08/2019, all other matters will remain the same.