Government plans online 2021 & 45 services List

 Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani has launched the historic Digital Revolution, a historic digital revolution in which even the common man in the hinterland of the state can get various government services at home from his own village

◆ The 45 services that the state government has included in the digital service bridge at the village level

● About getting a separate ration card
● About getting duplicate ration card
● About getting an innovative ration card
● Affidavit to change the name
● Ration card affidavit
● Appointment of Guardian / Guardian for Ration Card
● Matter of entering name in ration card
● Matter of making change in ration card
● Matter of deleting name from ration card
● Matter of giving income proof
● Affidavit of income
● Senior Citizen Certificate
● Matter of issuing domicile certificate
● Copy of FIR •
● Online ticket cancellation
● Online ticket booking
● New e-commuter pass
● Indira Gandhi National Widow Assistance Scheme
● Certificate of income regarding widow assistance
● Certificate of being a widow
● E-Currency (Stamp Duty)
● Sant Surdas Yojana
● Samaras Hostel Admission
● PHID and travel pass
● Indira Gandhi National Disability Pension Scheme
● Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme
● Certificate of religious minority
● Affidavit of race
● E-Application 
● Household Registration
● Driver registration
● No objection certificate
● Police verification certificate
● Tenant registration
● Registration of Senior Citizen
● Renewal of e-computer pass
● Divyang Marriage Assistance
● Financial assistance scheme for destitute elderly and disabled
● Certificate for non-reserved classes
● Certificate for Linguistic Minority
● National Family Assistance (Crisis Relief)
● Certificate for nomadic race
● Truthful King Harishchandra Maronotar help

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Following the success of launching this digital service bridge in October 2020 with 22 government services in 2,000 villages, the Chief Minister has set a target of installing these services in 8000 more villages by December 2020 and covering more government services from 22 to 45 services